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Walkie Talkies for School: 11 Reasons Why You Should Have One

Keeping the school safe and organised is no easy feat. Walkie talkies for school are invaluable as they help teachers, school staff , and security personnel keep everything safe and in order. 

walkie talkies for school

If you’re wondering whether or not to get a two-way radio system for your school, this blog will help you make an informed decision! 

Read on to discover  the many benefits of having walkie talkies for school. 

11 Reasons Why You Need Walkie Talkies For School 

School Walkie Talkies Improve Emergency Communication

Now, more than ever, safety in schools needs to be a priority . Walkie talkies for school make the transmission of information seamless and fast – two important factors that ensure when there’s danger, everyone  will be alerted immediately.

In case of emergencies such as fires, natural disasters, or security threats, walkie-talkies provide instant communication among staff members to coordinate response efforts and ensure the safety of students.

Two-way Radio Systems for Schools Enable Efficient Coordination

 The safety of students requires everyone to always be  on the lookout for security issues. Once a safety concern arises, everyone should be in the loop. 

Walkie-talkies enable quick and efficient communication between different areas of the school campus, facilitating coordination between administrators, teachers, and support staff. Having walkie talkies for school cuts out the delay of information. 

Prompt Communication During Special Events

How do teachers and other school staff  stay connected and coordinated during special events? Through walkie talkies! 

Walkie talkies are compact, portable communication tools that teachers can use to communicate. Unlike using phones, walkie talkies provide a way to communicate without the distractions that come with mobile smart  phones. 

Communication Within Large Schools  is Easier

How do you communicate on larger  school premises? ? Although a phone is an option, they still have  limitations as to reach and signal availability. 

Schools with large campuses often face challenges in communication due to the distance between buildings or outdoor areas. Walkie-talkies provide a reliable means of communication across these distances. Even in areas that do not have great reception, communication is not an issue if your school has a two-way radio system. 

Crowd Control

During events such as assemblies, sports games, or parent-teacher meetings, it’s important to have multiple eyes and ears that synchronise together. 

Walkie-talkies enable staff to manage crowds, address issues promptly, and maintain order in a way that is coordinated. Even if you are handling a huge crowd, you’ll be able to communicate issues because you have a tool that gets the info across. 

Bus Transportation

Walkie-talkies are useful for bus drivers and transportation staff to communicate with each other and with school officials. 

A two-way radio system for bus transports enables  smooth operations that guarantee student safety to and from the school. 

Security Monitoring

Security personnel can use walkie-talkies to monitor the school premises and respond quickly to any suspicious activity or breaches in security.

It’s critical that school security personnel and staff are all connected when it comes to safety warnings. Prompt tip offs could  save lives! 

Medical Emergencies

In the event of medical emergencies, walkie-talkies allow staff to quickly call for assistance from the school nurse or emergency services, providing timely aid to students in need. 

Maintenance and Facilities

Walkie-talkies are essential for maintenance and facilities staff to communicate about repairs, maintenance tasks, or cleaning needs throughout the school. A handy walkie-talkie can be the way to ensure any maintenance issue is communicated fast, and to everyone! 

Backup Communication

In situations where other forms of communication, such as phones or internet-based systems, are unavailable due to technical issues or power outages, walkie-talkies serve as reliable backup communication tools for maintaining connectivity within the school.

What To Look for in Walkie Talkies for School


When selecting walkie-talkies for school use, durability is crucial. . The  devices need to withstand the rigors of daily use in a busy school environment. 

This means they should be built to survive drops and bumps, ensuring they are shockproof. A durable walkie-talkie will provide longevity, reducing the need for frequent replacements and a loss in reliability 

Long-lasting Battery

A long-lasting battery is essential for school walkie-talkies. These devices are typically used throughout the entire school day, so they need to be capable of lasting up to 12 hours of cumulative use. 

It’s also beneficial if the batteries are fast-charging to make sure there’s only minimal downtime. With a walkie-talkie that lasts long and charges fast, school staff can remain in constant communication without worrying about battery life.

Waterproof Design

Schools need walkie-talkies that can endure various weather conditions. A waterproof rating, such as IP4, indicates that the device can withstand exposure to rain and snow. This feature comes in handy if you’re going to frequently use the walkie talkie outdoors. 

This feature is crucial for outdoor activities and ensures that communication remains uninterrupted regardless of the weather.

Long-range Capacity

Effective communication over long distances is another important feature. School walkie-talkies should support communication ranges from 1 km to 15 km, with some models capable of reaching 20 km or 25 km when paired with repeaters. 

This range flexibility is essential for maintaining contact across large campuses or during off-site activities.

When investing in   walkie talkies for schools , consider the range, especially when you’re using it on large campuses. 

Capacity to Have Multiple Channels

Having multiple channels on a walkie-talkie allows users to communicate with different groups without interference. This is particularly important in a school setting where various staff members need to coordinate without talking over each other. 

Think of channels like phone numbers, enabling organised and efficient communication among heads of departments , teachers, and other school personnel.

Privacy Features

Privacy in communication is crucial, especially in a school environment where sensitive information might be shared. Walkie-talkies equipped with private and secure communication channels, often featuring encryption, help prevent eavesdropping or interception. 

If you want to ensure  any confidential information doesn’t  get  leaked, choosing a walkie talkie with privacy features is ideal for safeguarding school operations and sensitive data.

For the Best Walkie Talkies for School, Trust OS Comms! 

At OS Comms, we understand that walkie talkies for school are more than just communication tools; they can save lives and improve your  school’s safety policies! 

We have an extensive collection of school two-way radios that are versatile and perfect for school use. 

Check out our collection here.

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