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Two Way Radios Local Authority

OS Comms is your trusted partner in the public sector for the supply of two way radio systems

All government departments need high quality communications to ensure they operate efficiently, and also safely. It’s now commonplace for councils and local authorities to use digital two-way systems to keep in touch.

Not only is this a cost-effective use of public funds, but two-way radios can also be instrumental in bringing multi-departmental teams closer together in real-time.

OS Comms is a leading supplier of digital two-way radio systems for local authorities, and we have a reputation for our ability to provide reliable and collaborative communications platforms for the public sector.




Two way digital comms to boost efficiency and productivity

All local authorities and public bodies need to focus on being as efficient and productive as possible. Two-way radios will help cut down on unnecessary paperwork and time spent getting in touch with various members of your team. They are also preferable to using mobile phones since they are more reliable, instant, and often cheaper to run.

Local authority managers need to take on a variety of tasks. They will also need to be on the ground, and also in the field. Therefore, it’s crucial that you and your team have the functionality and scope to manage your operations from wherever you may be. The push-to-talk connectivity of two-way radios makes it simpler to keep everyone in touch wherever they are.

With two-way digital radios and modern functionality, council and authority personnel can make sure that they are always able to respond quickly to requests and give feedback to managers and other members of their team even when they’re on the move.


Keeping your team safe

Many modern two-way radio systems come with GPS and tracking fitted as standard.

Therefore, dispatchers and managers will always know who is heading where, and when. Safety features such as emergency calling, lone worker and “man down” help to ensure everyone is accounted for too. Users can communicate with other team members as well as dispatchers through a variety of channels.

Plus we can also supply a range of bodycams that are indispensable in keeping your employees safe and for real-time incident recording whenever you need it.



We’ll help you find the right digital radio system

At OS Comms we have a wide variety of options available to help boost the productivity of your local authority team. You just need to tell us how many people you need comms for and what you need them to do, and we’ll design a system for you.

The size of area that you need to cover is a key factor in choosing the most appropriate radio system. For example, in an urban area the radio signals need to penetrate buildings so we’d look at a UHF (Ultra High Frequency) system. Or you may need an in-vehicle radio system that’s both safe and legal.

Take a look at our extensive range of products and services for local authorities. Our FAQ page covers the most popular questions we get asked but please get in touch anyway to discuss your requirements and book a free site survey.


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