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Should My Company Switch From Analog to Digital Radio for Communication?

Many companies hesitate to make a move from analog to digital radio for communication. They feel uncomfortable thinking that if everything will be fine or not. Not only this, but there are lots of misconceptions regarding switching from analog to digital. The worst thing is that people assume that digital communication will harm company communication. 

In this digital world, functioning with an analog version means staying behind your competitors. Everyone is becoming digitally strong to stay ahead of others. So, as a company owner, you cannot ignore this. This might backfire on you today or tomorrow. 

Are there any misconceptions about switching from analog to digital company radio? Yes, there are. We will try to debunk some of the misconceptions in this post. It’s seen that people avoid switching from analog to digital because of these misconceptions as well. 

Misconception 1: The cost to switch to digital radio is expensive 

We know cost is a big thing for your company and you cannot take it for granted. Switching might be expensive but you will save lots of bucks thereafter. With the digital two-way radio, you will reduce costs while the number of features will increase. This company radio will double the capacity of your existing channels, reducing the licensing fees. 

Other than this, you will get several applications that will reduce your workload and help them complete seamlessly. Sometimes, even service providers offer discounts on the products and services. 

Misconception 2The digital radio will slowly be obsolete 

The two-way radio is not a new concept; only it has become advanced to fulfill the current requirement of the companies. So, there is no way that digital company radios will become obsolete. 

You can establish communication in your company using a cell phone or analog radio, but the thing is that it comes with certain limitations. In some industries, such as manufacturing, warehousing, and construction, analog radios or cell phones cannot work because of loud and demanding work conditions. In the transportation industry, driving while talking on the phone isn’t allowed. So, no matter what, digital radio will not become obsolete. 

Misconception 3: The switching process is complicated 

Moving and adapting to a new thing is always difficult. Also, it takes time. But, this doesn’t mean you will not try new things and explore. So, even if switching to digital radio from analog radio is complicated, you should attempt it. 

If you find the process daunting, you should make the switch in phases. Many two-way radios come with analog capability. You can purchase them and work them in analog until you are ready to make a permanent switch. Or, you can move two people, a unit, or your entire team at once, depending on your choice. The thing is that you shouldn’t think about the switching complications, instead, you should think about the benefits in the future.  We tried our best to convince you to switch from analog to digital radio for communication in your communication by debunking these common misconceptions. We hope you are convinced and will switch soon. 

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