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Ofcom Radio Licencing

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In UK not every two-way radio system is license exempt. While some radios are exempt from licensing, many others require license to operate. At OS Comms we guide our customers on their licence requirements. We not only maintain radios, but also manage their licences.
Private two-way radios operate on either UHF or VHF radio frequencies. The issuing authority in UK is the Ofcom. If you run a business concern you must find out if your radios need to be licensed.

Why do you need a license to operate your two-way radio?
A business concern must apply for licence when using two-way radios. In some cases an amateur radio licence is also required. While this may seem like a hassle, there are actually many benefits attached to a licensed service, especially for a business concern.
• Better range: A licensed radio service has a much better range and this is why most business concerns go for radio licences.
• Clear service: Licensed radios have a much clearer service since there is interference from other users is minimised.

How to apply for your license?
Normally you must contact Ofcom and fill out their forms. You must know the various categories and about your frequency. Alternatively you can leave this job with us. Our experts will explain to you the terms of your license and the advise you on the right one. We will then apply on your behalf, taking care of all the red tape and hassle.

How can we help you?
With our expert advice and efficient management you can safely entrust you licensing management in our capable hands.

Guidance: Our experts in the two-way radio world can offer you advice and guidance on licensing terms. Do you need a licence? What are the formalities you must fulfil? Or you may want to get your radio reprogrammed to a new channel. We will tell you what to do and the easiest and shortest means of achieving your aims.
Cut the hassle: With OS Comms you can cut the hassle of filling out forms and paying attention to all the nitty-gritty red tape. We will apply on your behalf or if needed assist you in applying for the right frequency.
Managing your license: Just getting your license is not enough. You must also manage it effectively. Once you come onboard with us, we take full responsibility for the license, ensuring that the license never lapses leaving you exposed.
Saving time and effort: Efficient business management comes from delegation. Where the work is essentially non-productive in nature, this can be especially true. You need not bother with time consuming red tape, the paperwork and the hassles of payments. With our services you can save this time and effort and put it to better use.
If you want to know more about obtaining your license or amending it, contact our technical department at 01440 268 486 or mail us at service@oscommsonline.com.

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