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Mistakes to Avoid As a Two-way Communication Radio User

Whether it’s a small or large event, a two-way communication radio makes it successful. It helps the organizers to keep everything under control and complete the event seamlessly. There is no interruption or disturbance in the event as the organizers can handle the problems on time. 

The event seems impossible without the communication radio. But, sometimes, the radio users make mistakes, unable to use the radio as efficiently and effectively as possible. They are unable to enjoy the benefits of the radio to the fullest. 

As an organizer of the event or a radio user, you should be very careful about the mistakes that others make. You should work on them before getting a two-way communication radio for yourself. 

What you shouldn’t do?

Don’t interrupt 

Though it’s a two-way communication radio, the communication doesn’t happen in the same way. Here, one should speak and others should listen at a time. You shouldn’t interrupt in the middle of speaking; instead, you should wait until the transmitting end is finished with their conversation. It’s said interrupting over radio transmission causes miscommunication. 

It’s good to use a code word when you’re finished talking. The code word should be the same for all the members. 

Don’t be too quiet 

Before speaking, check the placement of your two-way communication radio or audio accessories. You should hold the microphone or handheld a few inches away from your mouth.

Keeping the microphone close doesn’t mean that you will be quiet. If you speak softly, your voice will not be heard at the other end. So, you should be loud and clear. 

Don’t push the push-to-talk button too early 

The time to use the push-to-talk button matters. You shouldn’t release the button too early or start talking before you press the button. If you do so, the part of your conversation will get cut off. Others will only get part of your communication. 

To make things work properly, you should wait to talk after hearing the push-to-talk tome and continue holding the button a few seconds after talking. 

Don’t overlook the maintenance of the radio 

Whether you are buying or renting the two-way communication radio, you should take care of it before and after as well as during use. A clean radio will ensure smooth communication with no interruptions. 

You should clean and disinfect the radio, check battery compartments, inspect the radio for any damage and not hold the radio by the antennae. 

Don’t use an unlicensed radio

Using a licensed communication radio means keeping your communication private. Only the appointed members will be involved in the communication. With a licensed radio, you don’t get interfered with by other unlicensed radio users and get a dedicated bandwidth to communicate on. 

Other than this, operating an unlicensed two-way operating radio means inviting hefty fines by the associated department. It’s assumed that you are interfering with someone else’s conversations on their dedicated frequency. 

A two-way communication radio will make your event successful but only if you avoid the mistakes discussed in this post. 

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