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Is It Possible for Two-Way Radios to Be Hacked?

Two-way radios make the best choice over cell phones when it comes to secure communication. But nothing in the real world is fully secured. Hacking has become too common nowadays. Even giant businesses have experienced high-level attacks. Thus, all the sectors and departments that use two-way radio hire services that buy two-way radios must be aware of the dangers of hacking and learn how to avoid it.

Can Two-Way Radios Be Hacked?

Unfortunately, yes. Though two-way radios are highly secured communication equipment, they can be hacked to breach security. Over the years, hackers have evolved more and now possess highly advanced tools to complete their malicious objectives.

Availability of radios can now be programmed to police frequencies. About a couple of decades ago, a person had to cut the wire or clip a diode to allow the radios to go on unintended frequencies. Now, the situation has changed. While the news that two-way radios can be hacked is quite disturbing, it is also important to be aware that as the hacking evolves, so do the technology to keep frequencies secure and safe!

Besides, one can follow precautions to prevent hackers from gaining easy access to your two-way radios.

How to Prevent Your Two-Way Radios from Getting Hacked

  1. Choose a More Secured Two-Way Radio

The type of two-way radio you choose to hire or buy matters a lot. A trunked two-way radio system offers enhanced security. So, ask your two-way radio service provider to provide two-way radios with the best security features to ensure secure communication.

  • Encrypted Communication Is Better

Search for two-way radios that follow the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Such systems are more popular in police and fire departments as they need to have secure communications where only approved members can join the conversation.

  • Proper Training and Education on Two-Way Radios

A reputable two-way radio service provider or a professional security training service provider can provide all members of your public safety department proper training about how to correctly use two-way radios, how to maximize the safety and efficiency of your two-way radios, and what to do and what not to do to improve safety while using two-way radios.

  • An Experienced and Recognized Two-Way Radio Vendor

When looking for a secure communication solution to address or prevent two-way radio hacking, you must look for an esteemed and experienced two-way radio hire vendor. They should provide a list of references to help with this issue specifically. These references can help your members understand the benefits of switching from a conventional system to a more secure two-way radio system. They will discuss security needs with you to ensure that you are investing in the right system that meets your specific needs and provides more security.

Even though the dangers of hacking lurk around in the corners of two-way radio communication as well, two-way radios are still a more reliable, safer, and efficient way to communicate to ensure public safety than other communication methods. Just make sure that you do everything you can to prevent hacking.

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