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Introducing Kenwood’s KAS 20 AVL & Dispatch Software

KAS-20 NEXEDGE® NXDN™ and DMR AVL and Dispatch Software Suite

KAS20 960w

The all-in-one Dispatch and AVL solution for NEXEDGE Gen2 Trunking, Trunk C, NXDN IP conventional and DMR IP conventional

KAS-20 AVL and Dispatch Software is compatible with KENWOOD digital radio systems and runs on Windows and Windows Server. It offers a cost-effective way to start a basic, scalable AVL and dispatch system and supports both NXDN and DMR digital protocols. KAS-20 features a user-friendly Graphical UI and map displays for intuitive operation, the software enables seamless operations to control multiple subscriber units on the same network, employing either a client configuration or a server configuration with multiple clients while, by purchasing optional licenses, you can add several value-added features in the future to meet your specific needs.

Key Features
• Windows-based software with AVL and Dispatch features
• Low-cost initial package, optional license upgrades
• Two configurations for enhanced scalability:
– A simple, PC-based standalone AVL & Dispatch system
– Multi-client operation with remote server; accepts up to 8 RF systems and 10 clients
• UI design with emphasis on functionality and manoeuvrability
• Supports diverse digital radio systems
• User-selectable options: Location Management, Voice Dispatch, Voice Path,Multi-client capability for a server, Voice Record and RF System functions


If you would like to find out more about Kenwood’s KAS AVL and Dispatch spoftware, please call us on: 01440 268 486 or complete our enquiry form

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