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Halo Body Worn Cameras

HALO Technologies Body Worn Cameras

Halo Technologies takes an innovative approach to procuring Body Worn Video Cameras and how they need to work in the real world.

With the world’s only dedicated BodyCam leasing specialists, you can stay connected anywhere with the real-time GPS tracking and live stream capabilities of the Halo Horizon BodyCam.

With fully customisable features to suit your specific needs, including up to 3 years product warranty and seamless integration, Halo Vault software allows you to access to evidence instantly.



  • 16 hour continuous record, 4.5 hour fast charge
  • Live stream with ease using our High Efficiency Video Coding
  • Maintain a smooth picture in a weak environment supporting 1440p & 1080p real-time remote transmission
  • Record anywhere with full IP68 waterproof certification
  • ‘Dock & Go’ self-locating magnetic base – no need for cables
  • Instant GPS positioning
  • Industry leading starlight performance, incorporating Sony’s latest lens technology
  • Powering the future using the latest and most powerful chipset available. Halo is proud to offer S5L technology as standard
  • Industry standard AES256 encryption
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