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Digital Radio Maintenance

Fast Support when its needed most...

Digital Radio Maintenance & Support

Optimise Performance

Like every electronic device, two-way radios need regular maintenance for optimum performance.

A well-maintained radio system will run more efficiently for a longer period. OS Comms offer our customers a maintenance service that will ensure your equipment stays in top condition.

Low Cost Insurance

For a daily charge of less than 13p, our maintenance scheme covers your radios for all physical damage, water ingress in addition to the standard manufacturer warranty. The only three exclusions are deliberate or malicious damage, replacement batteries and the loss of the radio unit.

We cover replacement aerial costs and all delivery and collection charges.



Fast Turnaround

We aim to have your unit turned around within 7 working days, so that you are not left short and in cases of return to manufacturer we can supply loan units for the duration at no extra cost.

Our Maintenance Scheme includes:

  • Annual service of all hand portables and base equipment at a mutually agreed time
  • Free Motorola software upgrades for the hand portable radios
  • Free battery-analysing service for Motorola Impress batteries
  • Free collection and delivery of handsets for repair
  • Free, unlimited, parts and labour repair up to 70% value of handset
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