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Digital Barriers Fever Scanner

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Digital Barriers Remote Fever Scanning Solution


Fever Scanning

Digital Barriers has developed a Remote Fever Scanning Solution to help safeguard frontline workers against infection.

Risk Reduction

The solution consists of dual thermal and HD camera together with government-grade EdgeVis remote monitoring platform. This enables temperature scanning to be carried out without the need for close human contact, thus reducing risk.


Intelligent Temperature Screening

Temperature detection and profiling systems have emerged as an important tool in uncovering elevated body temperature, a key indicator of the presence of fever, thereby potentially exposing an underlying health condition.

Rapid Detection

The thermal camera screening can provide hospitals, primary care clinics, and commercial buildings with a highly effective means of detecting individuals during outbreaks, critical for early identification and the prevention of further transmission.



Thermal Camera Analysis

EdgeVis Live Fever Screen ensures real-time stand-off temperature detection and profiling, even in locations with poor bandwidth and network connectivity.

The thermal camera analyses body temperature, a key indicator of the presence of a fever and sounds an alarm when a specific temperature threshold is exceeded.

The solution is highly effective in quickly and simply identifying staff and customers who show signs of an infection. This remote solution can be deployed standalone or as part of a network, linked to a central location.

Facial Recognition

N.B. Facial recognition is an optional add-on to EdgeVis Live Fever Screen.

Fixed Modum Features

• High accuracy (0.3 Degrees)
• High resolution 640 x 512 image
• SDK support
• HD visible camera
• IP65 rated
• Custom colours available
• Paired blackbody for temperature reference
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