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Body worn cameras compulsory for bailiffs

Private bailiffs and High Court enforcement officers now must wear body camera’s, under the new government rules announced by The Ministry of Justice on 22nd July 2019. This move, which only affects England and Wales, should help to protect those in debt from ‘intimidating’ and ‘aggressive’ tactics used by some bailiffs. 

“The use of intimidation and aggression by some bailiffs is utterly unacceptable, and it is right we do all we can to tackle such behaviour,” said Justice Minister Paul Maynard.

“Whilst most bailiffs act above board, body-worn cameras will provide greater security for all involved – not least consumers who are often vulnerable.”

The exact date that the new rules will come into effect are still undecided, but an estimated 2,500 certificated enforcement agents or bailiffs will now be required to wear a body camera. 

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