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Choosing the Best Two Way Radios for Events: Here Are Top Things to Consider 

Two way radios for events have become a reliable form of communication for mid-to-large events where promptness in response matters a lot. 

Organizers have seen the benefit of using professional walkie-talkies for events: every committee is informed, communication is quick, and the event flows seamlessly. You also save yourself from communication mishaps that could get you in trouble or ruin your event altogether! 

walkie talkies for events

Those working in public relations and organizing events should choose walkie-talkies to keep up with the fast-paced, busy, and constant demand for quick communication. 

The question still remains: how do you know you’re choosing the best two-way radio device for your event? 

Here are some things to consider when choosing a walkie-talkie for events. 

Choose Multipurpose Professional Walkie Talkies 

If you’re organizing multiple events of different sizes, consider investing in two-way radios that work efficiently for short-range and long-range distances. 

Go for multipurpose professional walkie-talkies and not just with ones promising long-range accuracy. You have to ensure the walkie-talkie radios will be infallible even for closed-door events. 

Choose Long-Range Walkie Talkies With The Right Range and Frequency

There are two major requirements for a walkie talkie for big events: great range, and high frequency.

A two-way radio for events like sports or large conferences should be able to cover vast distances and can push communication through barriers like big buildings, stages, and terrains. 

For range, look for a professional walkie-talkie that can cover 10-15 miles. A long-range walkie talkie can give you the confidence you still can connect with your team even in big locations. 

Frequency is your walkie-talkie’s capacity to still penetrate through significant buildings, busy streets, interference, and even terrains. Selecting between Very High Frequency (VHF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) signals boils down to their respective frequency ranges. VHF operates within the 136-174 MHz range, whereas UHF operates within the higher 400-512 MHz range.

The choice hinges on the tradeoff between frequency and performance. UHF’s higher frequency facilitates robust communication, particularly in challenging environments such as urban areas or densely wooded regions, thanks to its enhanced ability to penetrate obstructions like buildings.

Go for Walkie-talkies with Noise-Canceling Features

Walkie-talkies with noise-canceling features guarantee you will hear the other person even in the middle of a thunderous event. 

Sports events, concerts, parties, and large gatherings come with elevated noise levels, making it harder for you to get the message through. 

professional walkie talkies

Noise-canceling two-way radio eliminates cracking sounds, noise vibrations, and excess noise so you can hear the other party clearer and vice versa. 

A two-way radio system with a noise-canceling feature eliminates the risk of misunderstandings, especially in events where topnotch accuracy is needed. 

Durable Two Way Radios for Events Are A Must 

A shockproof, waterproof two-way radio will give you the peace of mind that even though you drop the device or it gets rained on, it will still work. 

If you worry about water ruining the device, look for a two-way radio with an IP54 water resistance rating. 

Check Battery Capacity

Opt for professional walkie-talkies with robust battery capacity. 

Events can be long and demanding, so having walkie-talkies that can endure extended use without frequent recharging is essential.

We recommend going for a battery capacity of 3000 mAh. You will find that for events longer than three hours, this battery capacity may not be enough. Bringing in an extra battery for your walkie-talkie is recommended. 

The More Channels, The Better

Having multiple channels for your two-way radio allows for more transparent communication and helps avoid interference from other nearby devices. 

It also enables different teams or departments to have their dedicated channel, enhancing organization and efficiency. If you need to connect multiple people, teams, and departments, having dedicated channels for communication will prevent distracting interference from getting in the way. 

Lightweight Design 

The ideal weight of a two-way radio should not be heavier than 5 oz. Double that weight, and you will find that your walkie-talkie is actually getting in the way. People want to avoid going about a busy event holding a bulky device in their hand when they could use their hands for more important tasks. 

Also, look at the total length and thickness of your radio. Going for a radio as small as 5.8″ can make you more flexible. 

walkie talkies

Bluetooth Feature for Hands-free Use

And speaking of not having a professional two-way radio that gets in the way, you can also consider getting a Bluetooth-ready two-way radio that allows you to go hand-free when communicating with every key person in your event. 

The Most Ideal Two-Way Radio for Events We Definitely Recommend! 

The Kenwood NX-3220E is an indispensable asset for significant events – it’s a radio that offers unmatched versatility and reliability. 

This professional radio features multi-protocol capability that enables you to enjoy seamless communication across various systems, including NXDN, DMR, and FM analogue. The Kenwood NX-3220E promises compatibility with different setups. 

Features like NXDN and DMR trunking, site roaming, and encryption options ensure secure and efficient communication in dynamic event environments. 

The built-in GPS and Bluetooth enhance coordination and connectivity, while the IP and MIL-STD ratings ensure durability even in challenging conditions. 

With Kenwood’s renowned audio quality and active noise reduction, it’s the ultimate choice for ensuring smooth and effective communication during large-scale events.

Check Out More Two Way Radios for Events at OS Comms

We know that you’re looking for a professional walkie-talkie that will really cover the bases: great reception, handy, convenient, and able to help you communicate instructions clearly. 

At OS Comms, we feature two-way radios that will not fail you in the field, stadium, or stage. From portable two-way radios to Bluetooth-ready digital picks, we got them all. 

Check out OS COMMs here. 

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